GILARDI SAS di Gilardi Mario & C.
laminated for doors and windows

The Company was founded almost 70 years ago by Giuseppe Gilardi, and is active in the field of wood since then. The first main activity has been the sawmill. We have always paid special attention to the evolution and innovation of the wood market and nowadays we are a specialized factory which produces semi-worked laminated for windows and doors.

The modern and technological gluing equipment we are using allow us to satisfy any kind of request in terms of quantity, features and quality required.
We are specialized in the broad-leaved wood, such as: CHESTNUT, OAK, ASH, POPLAR, TULIPIER.
In order to better response to the market demand, in the latest years we have been dealing with resinous wood, such as: PINE, AUSTRIAN AND SIBERIA LARCH, SPRUCE.

From the first supplies mainly destined to domestic producers, today the company is also successfully active in the foreign markets. This growth and evolution in such a difficult time, rewards the operational philosophy of the Gilardi family, which through continuous and tenacious work pursues the following objectives:

  • Continuous research and improvement of our product’s quality;
  • Investiments in advanced technologies and production facilities;
  • Operational flexibility in order to respond quickly and effectively to our customers’ demands;
  • Best service – we offer a puctual response and a desired endstate;
  • A BIG PASSION – the wood.

Gilardi SAS is at your disposal to identify the best solution for your needs.

We can and we wish to satisfy particular requests as: design, quantities and sections.